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The Town Of Lincoln
Located only 12 Miles From Capitan

In 1869, with the formation of the county named in honor of President Lincoln, the Territorial Legislature changed this frontier town's name, for the third time, to Lincoln. Many buildings have been restored, and the town kept much the same as it was in the late 1800's.

The Lincoln County War, the last great shootout of the Old West, grew from a conflict between two rival mercantile operations, the Murphy-Dolan and Tunstall stores. Lawyer Alexander McSween, a Tunstall partner, was killed in the "Five Day Battle."

His widow, Susan, went on to become known as the "Cattle Queen of New Mexico." She is buried in the cemetery at White Oaks.

The Lincoln County Courthouse, where Billy the Kid was jailed, was once the Murphy-Dolan store. Billy escaped on April 25, 1881, killing two deputies. Three months later, Billy was killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett at Ft. Sumner.

Visit several museums, including the old Court House, for a fascinating look into history.    Lincoln County War

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